How We Can Help You

Our notarial practice is founded upon a high level of service and a thorough knowledge of the authentication requirements of all foreign jurisdictions.

We appreciate that the time and availability of senior corporate executives is often limited. Where necessary or appropriate, we are happy to attend at a client’s office or at other convenient locations.

If documents are to be notarially authenticated but do not need to be formally witnessed by a notary, they can be couriered or mailed to us.  Alternatively, if you are located within the CBD, Southbank, Docklands or their environs, we can have the documents picked up from your office.

Normally, notarised documents are delivered back to clients or are returned by express post.

Additionally, if required, we are able to have the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade affix apostilles or authentication certificates to Professor Zablud’s notarised documents.  In some cases, we will also arrange consular legislation of documents destined for countries such as the PRC which are not subject to the Hague Apostille Convention.